FRIENDS of fending DJ Zeez and Konga and some stakeholders have waded in to pacify both parties on controversy that once trailed the originality of “4Kasibe.”

Konga, who once claimed Zeez stole the music from him, has ended animousity between the duo when he told friends that he had “forgiven and forgotten about it,” just as he promised not to publicly vent his anger against any musician again.

“It’s a street language, he must have been thinking along the same line with me when he came up with his version of “4Kasibe.” Anyhow, I’m cool with everything. Who am I to put up an attitude when you guys have called us to put a stop to the fight?,” he said.

A delighted official of Shetade Image Limited, the outfit that manages D’Bee, Sheyman and Zeez, said nobody wanted any fight between Nigerian musicians, especially the young ones, hence their move to resolve the crisis amicably.

“No be song? We got great producers in our midst and something hotter than 4Kasibe will be produced at the snap of the finger.

“Konga is our man, so is Zeez. The matter has been resolved and we’re all happy. We should leave it that way,” he appealed.

For Zeez,” I’ve always said 4Kasibe is a street song in Bariga, Konga has confirmed it. There are slangs been manufactured regularly out there, anyone deep can always make something out of it.

“I will never fight Konga, or anybody for that matter over songs. It’s good to know that Konga is no longer angry with me for the song. He will always be my friend,” the 4Kasibe crooner insists.