Basking in the euphoria of last Christmas celebration when the formidable team of Dum Dum Groove led by Lady Grace Dumebi and Dpiper respectively staged a mother of all events called Dum Dum Christmas Fiesta, it’s another year but with a unique concept. It’s Christmas season, the whole city, no doubts, is busting with lots of activities in preparation for the once a year celebration, and the well-expressed Lady Grace Dumebi who has just returned from France is set to exploit the season as she brings, to town, Santa Clause from the Iceland.

This unique moment of fun for all families who are prepared to making this yuletide season a memorable one is berthed at Immanuel Childcare Centre tucked inside Oduduwa Close, GRA, Ikeja, Lagos. The Santa Clause, who arrived from the Iceland , has since been enjoying the best of times with children and adults who have been paying him a visit. What makes this Santa different from others is that, this Santa from Iceland, Grace informed, would also personally deliver that Xmas special gifts for those people who want to surprise their children and loved ones this season with Xmas special package at their doorstep.

Not only that, the entire place where the Santa has been attending to people is well decorated with out-of-this-world Xmas lightings and fittings. Right now at the Dum Dum Groove, all hands are on deck for the Santa’s grand party which has been gathering momentum.

For those daddies and mummies who want to thrill their children this season, why go abroad to achieve the best moment when you can as well get that desired fun and fanfare for a token at the Santa Grotto cozy up at Immanuel Childcare Centre, GRA, in the heart of Ikeja, Lagos State.
“Xmas comes but once, so why don’t we do it the way it comes. Santa from Iceland is one unique moment of fun you will be thrilled to be part of because; we are not just set to take care of your children’s affair alone but to make everyone who is alive to celebrate 2008 today. Have a magical and fun-filled Christmas celebration.” Lady Grace Dumebi said.