Veteran comedian Alibaba has said that the Fulani herdsmen are the most powerful people in Nigeria and he described them as “Power brokers”.

He went further to say that they are the only people that can kill, destroy and go scot free with being arrested or prosecuted.

He shared a picture of a Fulani herdsman and wrote,” These are the new power brokers…. not those in oil and gas.

‘If anyone in oil and gas sends anyone to beat up… not kill… just beat up, they will see what is called the long arm of the law.

“But these guys? Powerful. They can walk all over your cassava farm, burn down your houses, raise down a village, kill the villagers… and walk off.

“And they only carry a stick. Just a stick. If you say who is is more powerful, security agencies or theses cattle rearers… heads or tail… herdsmen!!!”

After a proper examination of what he said you would discover that since these herdsmen have been destroying lives and properties none of them have been apprehended or prosecuted by the authority, have you ever wondered why?