Nigerian movie Icon Funke Akindele Bello, known more by her recent stage name ‘Jenifa‘ has shifted from being an ordinary actress to being the CEO of a money making venture!

The super talented Funke who hustled and struggled for fame like many of her colleagues in the industry has left the ‘norm’, despite the fact that this norm brought her to limelight and gave her the platform many years ago.

41 year old Funke began acting close to two decades ago, although she started with a sitcom which gave her the name and the face to go with it… The law trained actress however gained prominence in the Yoruba movie sector where she featured in over a hundred movies before the breakthrough of ‘Jenifa‘.

The success of ‘Jenifa‘ was a great turn around for Funke who has since stopped appearing in Yoruba movies for a while to focus on her enterprise; Scene One Production.

Today, Jenifa’s Diary is about the biggest TV comedy series in Nigeria with a large and unbelievable fan base. The actress has been named amongst the top five richest female actors in Nollywood thanks to her change of direction.

Jenifa now focuses more on the business of TV movie series, a venture which obviously pays more than the conventional movie features!

stay married to his celebrity wife for five years despite the level of divorce in the society today.