The drama between Future and Ciara seems to be over, as we really hope more drama do not surfaced.

Early this year, Future publicly embarrassed Ciara, when he said she wasn’t doing lacking in bringing up their son properly.

This got Ciara infuriated and she sued him in February for defamation of character, in which Future filed a counter-suit in March claiming she’s nothing but a washed-up singer whose career is failing and clearly sued him to generate publicity for her lackluster album sales and sought punitive damages, and for Ciara to pay his legal fees.

Well looks like he has gotten enough of the drama as he is said to have discontinued his charges against Ciara, especially now that they both have full custody of their baby.  

According to TMZ, He’s worried if he goes after Ciara in court she’ll continue her efforts to restrict his custodial rights, and his son is more important than a court  judgment.