Do you remember the ‘legelege’ hit maker? We are talking about the Ghanaian Hip-life Musician, Mzbel, who has vowed never to get married, she has revealed the reason why she would never wear the G-Strings panties when she was asked to highlight the quantities that make her pants lines stand out.

The mother-of-one who has been linked to several men in the past, said staying single gives her all the freedom she wants. She  said she will never get married  because she just doesn’t want to be a slave for any man. She also believes being a woman in showbiz  makes it tough to be in regular relationship, and even more difficult in marriage because most men wouldn’t understand her.

‘I just don’t want anybody asking me who texted me, who called me, why are you wearing this, why are people saying this about me and all that.” She said and about the G-String, “G-String is bad because it goes through the anus, picks germs and the germs go into the private part of a woman and that causes infections, I wear cotton panties. I wish I can even show you what am wearing,” Mzbel said.

Ladies, do you agree with what she just said?