Nollywood director, known for his movie, ‘Nneka The Pretty Serpent’ Gabe Okoye, acted a real movie in Lagos when he captured the notorious  movie pirate in Lagos state, Emmanuel Eze Obasi. He is not talking the glory alone because the Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed helped them to do so.


He said “The movie pirate, Emmanuel Eze Obasi, was arrested in Lagos state with the help of the minister. The boy was taken to Copyright Commission and was moved to Area E Police Command where he was locked up. Upon interrogation, he revealed names of others that are involved in the piracy business, stressing that he’s not the only one and that there are big names that are bigger than him. He mentioned the likes of Ogbona Nwaete and John Abah.”

He added “He gave us their shop addresses and when we got there, we were surprised at the type of machines they used to pirate our movies. They have all kinds of weapons and they don’t care who you are. The last time I went there, they matched one of the policemen that came with me to raid the market and the policeman was so traumatized.

“So, I decided to lay ambush outside the market and luckily he was going to cargo goods for someone in Benin. That was how we got him arrested at Ohonba Line’s park and handed him over to the Ojo police station. That same day, they wanted to grant him bail. I asked them why, they said their boss gave an order that no culprit should be in cell for more than 24 hours. So, we contacted the Copyright Commission and we handed him over to Copyright Commission and later we contacted industry people.”