In the face of economic meltdown, and massive unemployment befalling the impoverished country, Gambia, Yahya Jammeh, their president is engaged in misplaced priorities as he has just sunk almost 300,000 pounds sterling into a movie industry in Nigeria where the screen idol and mother of one, Genevieve Nnaji plays a prominent role in.

When President Yahya Jammeh announced last year that he’s a big fan of Nigeria movies little did his subject who he rules over in Gambia know that the amiable and fun-loving head of state has secretly reached the final stage with some Nollywood practitioners to sink about 300,000 pounds sterling into a movie, all thanks to a highly connected London based Gambian, Fatimah Jabbie, who broker the deal between the president and the Nollywood movie experts. Reports in the grapevine even suggest that Jammeh could not hide his love for the lady, as he unequivocally warned against any kissing to be extended to Ms. Jabbie, who was featured in the movie as one of the actresses.

As the producers of the film are working very hard to finetune the “finishing touches” of the highly anticipated movie titled “The Mirror Boy’s heritage, it has been gathered that the film which was earlier earmarked for the people of Nigeria had to be changed from Nigerian to Gambia, exclusively gathered. The change of venue for the movie shooting was largely because of lack of funds. The Cross Rivers State Government, the original party that expressed interest in the movie, could not foot the multimillion dollars bills, sources said.

“Unfortunately, the Cross Rivers State Government was not able to provide the Nollywood film company with competitive rates or enough logistical support to shoot film in Nigeria. It was a classical case of no money,” said a highly placed source.

Having been tipped about the Nollywood proposed film, miraculously, and from nowhere, the Gambian Government stepped in. They were just too happy to have Nollywood come shoot in their country on the sole condition that the company capture their amazing landscapes and culture in the film, said our source.

According to the report gathered by “This trailer has been hurriedly put together to meet a deadline for a state function in Gambia, and which the President was to be shown, so don’t even judge yet. Some of the footage of the country is breathtaking, as you all know Gambia is an amazingly beautiful country.

The Nollywood film is expected to be launched in The Gambia soon. President Jammeh is expected to grace the launching ceremony without any of stakeholders who pioneered the purported deal being intimated about the new developmemt.”

While there are activities in the air to celebrate the Nollywood film in Gambia, the country’s life expectancy rate is declining dramatically—thanks to poor health delivery system.

Taiwan, recently extended a huge amount of money to help boost Gambia’s health sector, but donor funds often lands in the hands of corrupt officials. Corruption is endemic in Jammeh’s Government. Government projects are never advertized. They are awarded to parties who are willing to bribe officials in Government.