Many a Nigerian have often marvel at the wealth of new generation actors and actress. Some have been bold to speak up and question the source of these wealth, while others have been speaking in low tones about the glamorous life style of these new school thespians.

Ask every actors or actress, they will all point to resurrecting cinema culture in Nigeria and new business opportunities that the internet offers movie business as the source of their wealth.

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But like the lonely voice of a prophet in the wilderness Jude Orhora says all these are nothing but a big lie, because according the 46 years old actor the wealth of these young thespians is from dirty sources.

He said most men in the business are gay while the women sleep around ““I know what some actors and actresses did to gain the fame that they are enjoying now.

Some of the men in the industry are gay while the women sleep around and that is why I am not bothered about where I am today. When it is your time, it is your time. Some entertainers are opportunist while others are born lucky.

Omotola was born lucky from day one; her first character was a lead role. Some people marry for money and not love. That is why I am not really bothered because some of the guys are gigolos.

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They do not make their money from the movie industry but from the gigolo business. I cannot do such because I have a name to protect. In the 80s when I started this business, none of them was anywhere to be found. I have seen it all and I refuse to join them. Gays have approached me but I declined their offers because my anus is an exit point and not an entrance.

The same thing with sugar mummies but I refused to accept their proposal because I cannot sleep with married women. I believe in karma. If it does not happen to you, it would happen to your generation.”

Jude began his career at the age of seven and is famously remembered for his roles in “Checkmate” and in “Fuji House of Commotion Read more.” Among others