The imbroglio that has since rocking the former first family seems to be reaching a crescendo going by the latest event that led to the eviction of Gbenga from the GRA home over the allegation leveled on his father for sleeping with his wife, Moji.

Gbenga, according to the scoop, woke up one morning to receive a note from his dad asking him to evacuate the Ladipo Bateye Street, GRA, Ikeja home within a week and the strong-headed son, Gbenga didn’t stay three days before he moved his things from the place to a 2-bedroom apartment somewhere around the neigbourhood.

When this battle between father and son will end remains a riddle as we learnt that Gbenga too is making frantic effort to open more cans of worms on his dad and that he has threatened to have his own pound of flesh. How soon will that be? Only time can tell.

By Alonge Dele