Genevieve Nnaji; Since the inception of this all black movie by Hollywood, it has been a thing of joy to the black race as it has been breaking records in the world.

With the whole waves the Black Panther movie made on internet, it will actually be a taboo if one didn’t make any effort to see it.

Nollywood actress Genevieve Nnaji didn’t miss out in the fun as she went to see the popular movie in the company of her father as she is yet to have a man in her life.

The father who seems to be on a visit in his daughter’s house is actually having the fun of his life as Genevieve is putting up a father and daughter goals to make sure his visit is an exciting one.

From the lovely photo Genevieve shared, she made her sense of humor visible as she said that she and her father is going to show the Wakadians their real Nzeobi. Nzeobi is referred to as a king in the Igbo nation of Nigeria.

She wrote: “Look who’s going to the cinema to show the #wakandians who their #NzeObi is.

It was reported by Nigeriafilms that the actress has abandoned her first love which is acting, as she is seriously in love with her new found love of directing after she first had her experience in the production of ‘Lion’s Heart’.