Queen Genevieve Nnaji who has been very quiet on the social media has joined the campaign to end modern day slavery in Libya.


The actress motivates her fans to join the moment through a link to an organization raising money to help free migrants stranded in the North African country.

See Genny’s mesage and interesting responses from her fans below

“Pls read and share. Let’s stay enlightened. #SayNoToSlavery

Only Gaddaf can stop it !! @albert.herman

Love u mama….everytin about u comes out classy and simple..u don’t stress tins at all…u took ur time and finally u posted abt dis Libya slave trade…#letsStayenlightened.. @badboyshuga

All the big strong black men worldwide are so lazy, get together and get to Libya and kick these assholes ass @ claudinebaker

Thanks for the msg. The barbaric acts must surely come 2 an end. @olumuyiwahenry

By holding our government accountable. Demanding them to take care of their people. @sweetsbabyray32

Hehe,i hear only Gadafi can stop it. Thanks ma’am for using ur platform to spread awareness and good vibes. The link tho!! @umutesipetite

While other celebrities are busy just typing.. Stop Libya slavery now, being so intelligent ma, you figured out solution to the problem. Love you mam !forever_estatic_boutique

I’m in strong support on fight against slavery and all the related crimes in this planet earth, Libya notwithstanding. @eldergabrielonu

Thanks for posting and joining the movement! Perhaps other Nigerian celebs will follow suite as well in using their massive Platforms. @joiejoyeux

Slave trade is even practice in Nigeria by our parents too @joynjoku25

Our celebrities have the platform to utilize wisely, yet they have refused to. Some of them are rather busy using their platforms to show the world their slaying abilities and some of us are still following them giving them props and we expect a different result. If they are not using their platforms to raise awareness in time of crisis, don’t just call them out unfollow them. Use your platform to impact change no matter how big or small it is (in terms of followers). Shame on us all!! @saint_ekua

It will stop gradually if Nigerians stay back in their country , let take for instance Edo state boys and girls will not travel to Libya anymore if the government of Nigeria ?? should help us with our Gang and team here in Edo state Nigeria @arrow_ziongreatness

Thanks for posting G…. @cnn @cnnafrica @bbcafrica ( London) today reported that there is going to be an emergency meeting by some African leaders to see how to stop this.. and that the government of Nigeria said they will go and bring the Nigerians home…question is, are the African leaders saying they didn’t know about this?? We need answers… we have to get to the bottom of this n get people arrested for this dehumanization act. @yvethi

Thank you. I just read it and donated a token to the various agencies as suggested.

Thank you for not shouting on the government but showing a way to end slavery. @myaddictiontale
But still in the eyes of the creator, we are the same, no matter on how we are different but still the same so those ones buying and those selling others, time will tell too. @akello.e

As some of her fans have suggested, hope more celebrities can join the cause too.

Africans need to be aware of dangers of travelling to Europe illegally.

If people are aware of the dangers involved, they will not fall for greedy human traffickers persuading victims to embark on such perilous journey.