When Genevieve Nnaji fell apart with Leila Djansi of Turning Point Films and Producer of the film 'Tulips', the Turning Point's publicist said in an interview published on the net, in quote "…Genevieve knows she has missed a great opportunity to meet some great stars and be on Oprah Winfrey show upon the release of the film…" In a twist of fate, Genevieve was not on Oprah because of Djani's Tulips rather she was featured on Oprah show on the 28th of September 2009 in the episode "Meet the Most Famous People in the World" as Africa's most famous actress, because of her talent and previous movies and not as a result of her aborted appearance in Tulips. This goes to show that what will be will be no matter what. Meanwhile, some nollywood practitioners like Nobert
Young have repeatedly criticised some of their colleagues of not acquiring adequate education, yet they have not done much to improve the industry. Education no doubt is a desideratum in life. But one might get a P.hd in Dramatic Art yet might not be all that good in acting. So in some cases, talent speaks. Are you not surprised that some of the best role interpreters in the industry are the so-called 'illiterates'. And to Genevieve and the proud Emeka Ike, what one needs to remain on top are consistency, hardwork, and humility. Pride they say, goes before a fall. Edward Uko([email protected]