Wow, it is not easy for some women to give birth to two or more children and still look sexy like Nollywood actress, Georgina Onuoha, who is now a US based.

The actress, since leaving the Nigerian big screen, has been busy taking care of her two kids while trying her hands in some other ventures to keep her bank account floating.

Georgina, who recently survived a life threatening illness that had disturbed her for about eight years, could not hide how happy she was being alive to see her kids which are the most important people in her life right now after her failed marriage.

They had to visit the Disney Resort centre where they had fun together but she got many shocked when she stepped into the beach with her hot panties and bra and despite being a single mum, she slayed with her hot body.

Trust her fans will never spare her for showing her body that way but the mama does not care as she stressed that she is better than some people criticizing her as some of them go about with sugar daddies and guys to eat from.

In her words, “At peace, thankful. Embracing my flaws, loving my imperfections. Proud mommy of 2. Mommy to Gozie and Mezie. Just a mom, not a super model. Dare to be vulnerable. Take your negative vibes off my page. No saints allowed, you are free to tie your wrapper to the beach; Wear your jeans and turtle neck sweaters; your choice and please keep it yourself. Your opinion does not matter nor count. I refuse to conform to your norms. Born to be free

“Don’t mind sick folks. I will tie wrapper to the beach. Meanwhile they are busy committing worst atrocities behind closed doors with their magas and sugar daddies. Fools. Blocked the idiot.”

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