Anytime Flex Newspaper Visits a movie set, we get something interesting to write about especially for our readers who do not know what happens behind the scenes. Just last week, we had the opportunity to visit Venus films set and almost all the movie stars gave us an excellent welcome which was very warm.

Reporters had a good time with John Dumelo when he had to tell us jokes; Majid and Omar Captan sharing some of their past experiences in acting with flex newspaper, Yvonne Okoro, Roselyn Ngissah, Helen Asante, Roger Quartey and Frank Rajah explaining some of the technicalities of movie making to us.

Just as the night got closer, many issues cropped up from the camp of Yvonne Nelson when she approached Roger Quartey, the production manager that because some of the casts have decided to come to the set anytime they want, she will also come to the set anytime she wants next time.

This pushed Roger Quartey to forward the massage of Yvonne Nelson to Abdul Salam, the executive producer .Salam not happy with that statement approached Yvonne Nelson to ask why she made that comment and that was when hell broke loose. Yvonne turned angrily and started questioning Roger Quartey why he had to report her to Abdul Salam,Roger then replied by asking if that was not what she said and that was how the exchange of words started.

In the middle of the give and take Yvonne Nelson lamented that she doesn’t understand why Venus films treats some movie stars like Jackie Appiah better than her, because she has been on the set for the past days without Jackie and others,Abdul Salam did not take it lightly and asked why Yvonne Nelson should be talking from a ignorant point. Yvonne then started using some foul languages until Salam told her he did not beg her for the script So this is how you pay me back for making you who you are today, I even vowed not to use you again because of your behavior but you begged me for the scripts. Now listen to what you are saying in public Salam meted out.

In a separate interview with Jackie Appiah on phone since her name was indirectly mentioned when the rivalry started she revealed that she does not want to be involved in the issues. Jackie added that she has never had any problems with Abdul Salam because he made her who she is now if you ask me if I have had a problem with nay movie star I will say no. I respect all my senior movie makers and even the wannabees. On that issue , you can direct all your questions to the producer of the movie and he will be ready to tell you more . I don’t want to be involved the latest malaika judge added.

Flex newspaper spoke to the P.r.o of FIPAG MR Socrat safo to know how they approach issues like this since in Nigeria the producers union has the power to ban actors who fall foul to the law. He responded that they don’t have any official law to ban any movie star who misbehaves but they have ways and means of doing that in closed doors.flex newspaper is still investigating the case that happened on the set of Venus films to find out if there are other underline factors in the case hand.