Guess why Nigerian producers now rush for Ghanaian acts? Well, one of Nollywood’s ‘Sisi’ has revealed the reason. So, when you see them in Nigerian movies, don’t begin to think they are better. You can’t compare them with our our own acts, that’s the fact. Although some of them, the known names are good but they are not better, I swear!

Nollywood rates the third in hierarchy after Hollywood and Bollywood remember? If you want to know why Nigerian producers now rush for Ghanaian acts is just nothing than the fact that they are cheaper. Kate Henshaw Nuttal one of Nollywood’s acts unveiled this fact. “It is because they are cheaper. It is like going to Sokoto for what you have in your sokoto. It is not as if they are better than us, they are not! That is all I can say.”

‘Chie!’ I wonder if this would stand the test of time because Nigerians including those in diaspora love to see the faces of our actors, especially the good ones. So, there is no fear that they (Ghanaian acts) would invade Nollywood. Nuttal concurs: “They cannot take over. You cannot take over what does not belong to you, you can’t take what is not yours. Our producers are just going for cheap ones, which are not real. It’s like buying ‘tokunbo’ cars and say they are brand new cars.”

Kate is right. Me think that the two are like the squirrel and grass cutter. When a hunter gets into the bush, it is the squirrel he sees first because it flaunts itself. The squirrel is not the main thing, it is a distraction. But unfortunately some hunters that wouldn’t mind having anything available may go for it. But real and serious hunters would overlook them for grass cutters. Nigerians still prefer their own period!