Our forefathers say ”if you do me and i come do you pass as you do me,who go loose”?..This is the proverb that best suits the one thousand dollar fees soon to be slammed on Nigerian actors who want to act in Ghana and Nollywoods response of slamming them Ghollywood back with two thousand dollars registration fees they slammed on Nollywood.

One of the actors hit by this new rules in handsome Ghanaian Actor Van Vicker whos claim to fame is Nollywood movies.the actor according to sources is presently quickly shooting all the Nollywood movies he has been paid to interprete before the fees become effective.

What this means is that if Van has to pay this 2k dollars amount before he can shoot movies,he will increase his fees and if he does this,producers will begin to look inward at local talents and use them!

This is defintely the begining of good things for Nollywood!