Ghanaian Actress Kafui Danku has threatened reporter Mustapha Ayinde aka Attractive over her Upper Part Exposure.

According to Kafui who emailed the website administrator to say that those pictures were stolen from her private phone at the time she wasn’t aware of it.

“The first time I saw the pictures on the website I asked him to take it off before other websites in Ghana pick it up, but he failed to do that in time so now that the pictures are everywhere I will suggest to your website to release an official apology letter or I will take my personal decision on your reporter, since none of you can do this thing to your sister, and allowing ignorant commentators to insult me on the various website” Kafui said.
Research we did on Kafui Danku, stated that she is a quite type and does not talk on issue concerning the industry so for her to come out with this voice shows the pain she feels.

Our advice to her is that, she should always know the work of journalist,

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