For some personal reasons I decided long ago never to write anything about Socrat Sarfo’s movies because the more you critique his movies, the more popular it becomes and the more sales he makes at the market.

From his movie repertoires such as; Adults Only, Hot Fork, Love and S*x, and others, I advised Socrat that the direction and image he his carving for himself as a film maker is not too good. This friendly advice brewed a strong feud between us.

NigeriaFilms.Com opened its email box a week ago only to see Socrat Sarfo’s new movie poster titled ‘Amen’ resting in our inbox. We decided not to post it due to the unacceptably pungent visual content of the poster.

Few days ago, we received another email and this time around, it was a controversial trailer of Socrat’s new movie. Since the word ‘Amen’ has religious connotations and knowing how Socrat always pick sensitive issues and depraves them, NigeriaFilms.Com advised him to change the title of the movie but the impervious Socrat has decided not to listen to any religious criticisms.

The title of the movie, ‘Amen’ is good and should have been told on a religious plot, but to fraught such a sublime theme with adult scenes as a media hype or gimmick to raise the public’s attention is extremely terrene.

We have read the synopsis of the movie and it is a great masterpiece but the making is BAD! No WORSE! In fact WORST! Curiosity can force you to watch this movie when it is out but remember you will be patting Socrat’s shoulders with a disguised wish; ‘Keep it up’. Guard your curiosity, exercise caution, and discipline your conscience.

Opinions are diverse and differ. May be we at NigeriaFilms.Com are being too harsh on Socrat or we are just stating the obvious about him?

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