Former Ghanaian soccer star, Stephen Appiah, is a happy man today having made a name for himself in football and also being a good father to his family but he still feels an empty vacuum in his life.

He might be rich and famous but his inability to have a comprehensive education to a great standard has hunted him for many years and he recently decided to speak out.

Stephen who celebrated his son, Larry’s graduation stated that a day like that has always been his dream but since he never had the opportunity, watching others celebrate their graduation had always pained him.

As a result of that pain, he swore never to allow his children go through the same pain he went through as he is ever ready to give them the best.

“Growing up my dream and desire was to have an opportunity like this to have friends and families join me as such an occasion like ‘my’ graduation day. It didn’t happen as I desired since I only got to upper primary. I painfully watched others do on countless occasions. As a father I have vowed not to let my children go through my childhood pain and so I will do everything humanly possible to take them to the highest level possible. Congrats my boy. Daddy and all are proud of you,” he wrote.