Fela Anikulapo-Kuti’s protégé, Dede Mabiakwu is at the moment at loggerheads with her Ghanaian wife who is said to have threatened to sue for infidelity and negligence of marital duty on the part of Dede if information at our disposal is anything to go by.

Dede has neglected this easygoing woman, according to information, due to his numerous romances with other women amongst which is Bimbo Akintola. And ever since the woman has been married to him, he was said to have abandoned his responsibilities as the head of the family until recently when Dede bought a brand new car and took it to Ghana for her.

Now that Ghana has now been rated as the 7th county in the area of development, there is need for her to remarry hence her storming Nigeria a couple of days ago with the news of her divorce Suit. The woman, information from the coal/goal country reveals, is from a very wealthy and influential family in Ghana.

The two lovebirds met in London and got married in Ghana some years ago. The relationship that produced three children, a boy and two girls is now heading to its verge of collapse due to Dede’s reckless lifestyle and negligence of marital duty. As you are reading this, Dede is not in his right frame of mind as this new development in his marriage is not favourable.

Though, elders of the two families re said to have met over this issue so as to settle the rift between the two lovers without any rancour. We shall update you as event unfolds.