Nasara whose real name is Mariam Abdul Rauf was winner of the 2009 edition of Ghana’s Most Beautiful beauty pageant. The Ghanaian media is awashed with reports that she stole a cell phone. She was stripped off her crown for allegedly stealing a cell phone that belonged to a fellow contestant at the Miss Earth 2010 that was held in Philippines.

The beauty queen has expressed her disappointment to the organizers of the pageant, TV3 Network accusing them of stabbing her in the back. She claims she had wanted to sue the newspaper New Fylla who broke the story but the organizers asked her to halt it only to release a press statement even after banning her from speaking to any media house about it in addition to never hearing her side of the story. “They didn’t call me to say my side. I saw it on facebook that my crown has been taken from me. I am very surprised, because TV3 have stabbed me in the back”, Nasara disclosed.

They only got across to her after the statement for a meeting which she declined – she would be passing her crown to the first runner up but she would keep the car and cash prize but.

“If TV3 is taking the crown based on this absolutely false story, then they should as well take everything, the crown comes with the car, the Gh¢2000 cash prize and everything because there is no point having the car without the crown or anything else”, she said

and she explained what happened as : “It is a big lie. I used Miss UK’s phone, she was angry because she said I over used it; I returned the phone and paid for it. Anybody who believes me, will believes me“