The imbroglio that is currently generating a lot of hits between Nigeria’s Nollywood and Ghollywood of Ghana seems to be spread like wildfires. Remember that gave a report on how some authorities in Ghana’s movie industry arrested and requested for work permit from a certain Nigeria film producer, information is now reaching us that, the Attah Mill’s led government has made it as law for any Nigeria movie maker to part with the sum of $5000USD and for actor, $1000USD, an act some stakeholders in Nollywood tagged as insult to the Nollywood and the entire nation.

“I am shocked to know that a certain soap manufacturer in Nigeria paid heavily to have one of the actresses in Ghana as a Face of the soap. We have actress in abundance who can offer the brand the acceptance it needs. Does it not occur to these people that other countries try to retain money in their country and export products but in Nigeria, we export our money and import every other things else.

Now, Ghana is telling Nollywood that it was foolish to have accepted its actors with open arms. They are demanding $5k from any film maker and $1k from individual actor who wants to shoot a movie in Ghana. They forget that what these ignorant Nollywood film makers are doing now in their country will eventually project their tourism sector and economy at the expense of Nigeria.” One of the movie editors, Pascal Chikero said.