The story of a South African girl, identified only as Hope has gone viral after she recounted how she was delivered from crying blood by the founder of Synagogue Church of All Nations, SCOAN, Prophet TB Joshua.

A video which was published on the SCOAN’s YouTube channel, Emmanuel TV, shows Hope’s purported deliverance from a rare medical condition that caused her to cry actual tears of blood.

Hope shared her testimony tearfully.before-after

Hope, as said in the footage, returned to the popular church a year after looking completely transformed and testifying to the remarkable changes in her life.


She said, “Whenever I cry, I look at my tears and say, ‘Thank You, Jesus’,” she told the congregation, attesting to the fact that she had stopped crying blood ever since the prayer she received at The SCOAN.

She recounted how from a tender age, she began bleeding through her eyes, ears and other extremities in her early teenage years after several horrific nightmares involving strange demonic creatures.girl-who-cried-blood-1

Shedding tears of real blood, molested by strange creatures in the dream, raped and abused countless times by perverted men, Hope said her life was filled by a devilish form of tragedy from day one.

She said, “People were running away from me; they started calling me a devil’s child.


“My condition became so severe that I was kicked out of school and spent most of the time in isolation due to the shame and rumors that spread in its wake.

“I attempted suicide several times due to the deep depression which had engulfed me.

“Amidst the strange spiritual attacks which included menstruating for up to 40 days without ceasing and my hair inexplicably starting to fall off, I was also raped on three different occasions.girl-who-cried-blood-3

“After exhausting all medical options, I and my mother decided to pay a visit to The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) in Lagos, Nigeria, famed for its purported ability to cure a diverse range of ‘spiritual’ ailments.

“During the time of prayer in one of T.B. Joshua’s services, I was delivered,” Hope stated as the video showed the ‘demon’ purportedly behind her bizarre affliction being commanded out and the young girl collapsing to the floor.