One time celebrated female gospel singer, Gloria Doyle, was recently involved in a show of shame as she sent her younger lover, Wale Adeoba, packing from her 1, Kola Felix Street, Alagbole residence, a suburb of Ogun State.

The show of shame, gathered, started late at night last Saturday, when the controversial singer requested for the sum of N60,000 from Wale, a freelance presenter with Yotomi Cable Television. She claimed that the money is meant for the promotion of her new single.

“But I told her I don’t have the money because she has always been collecting money from me, claiming that when any marketer buys the job, I will get my money back. In fact, it was on this note that she forced me to sell my car, yet she is not satisfied,” Wale stated.

However, his refusal to provide the money prompted ill-tempered Doyle to descend on him, throwing his belongings out of their rented apartment. She also seized his ATM card and identity card.

Meanwhile, PMNews further gathered that, it was Wale who actually paid the house rent.

According to him, “the only amount she contributed to the rent was N40,000. And that was after I had paid over a hundred thousand to the caretaker.

“She has been threatening my life in this house to the extent that I packed out some months back, only to come back on Christmas eve after she had begged me. I think I was under a spell.”

When Nollywood Reel called the mother of three on phone, after she avoided talking to us face-to-face, she stated that she is undaunted.

In her words: “If Wale is trying to use the press against me, I don’t care. You guys should go ahead and write whatever you like.

“If you kill my music career, that is not the end of life because if you don’t know, I’m also a professional cosmetologist.”

The Folakemi crooner had been enmeshed in controversies in her previous relationships