A Nigerian lady who is still stuck in the euphoria of her one night stand with Nigerian comic actor, John Okafor a.k.a Mr. Ibu, took to Facebook to narrate her experience.

Nollywood Comic Actor , MR Ibu is currently reeking in a se-u-l controversy after a young and naive lady took to her social media account to boast.

Of what looks like an achievement to the young lady Igwe Gloria, she boasted effortlessly about her one night stand with the actor.

According to the Nigerian lady identified as Igwe Gloria, Mr. Ibu was gentle with her during their one night stand and the s– experience left her on top of the world.

The lady who made a remark about the actor’s pot belly, said she didn’t care about it because she got money off the act.

While many felt disgusted about her analyses  on her se-u-l escapade with the actor, the young lady wouldn’t stop gushing about how well she got laid for a good some of money.

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