Nigerian veteran actress Gloria young who started as a journalist but later yonder into the acting sector has given her reasons.

The actress started with an appearance in a Charlie Boy’s show before she featured in “Glamour Girls” that shot her to limelight.

Gloria graduated as a journalist with an Associate Degree from the El-Centro College, Dallas, Texas, and even practiced the profession for some times before she abandoned it for acting.

Speaking in an interview on why she left, she said

“I worked with Daily Times, I worked with Classique magazine, All I wanted to do was write, but I left journalism because I couldn’t stand it anymore. I still do my writing. I still love history. I’m still an artiste. I still produce radio plays, radio programs.” “I got tired of walking up and down Lagos streets and my shoes were ‘chopping. Jokes apart really, I didn’t want to continue. It (journalism) wasn’t giving me the satisfaction I thought I would have from it. All I wanted to do was writing.”

She will be making a comeback in a new movie that will be coming up on March 2, she will be starring in a movie titled ‘August Meeting’.