Popular Nigerian comedian, Bowoto Jephta better known as Akpororo, ina recent interview with Dailypost, has disclosed that he has not cried for a long time because nothing serious has really happened to him.

He explained that God does not make things that are more than him to happen which will make him cry.
Akpororo recalling his past revealed that when his ex-girlfriend broke his heart, he did not cry and when he lost his grandfather he did not cry either.

The comedian confessed that the only time he was pushed to tears was when he was paid a huge amount of money that changed everything in his life then it was when the tears of joy came down.

In his words, “I hardly cry. God doesn’t allow things that will make me cry to happen. Even when my heart was broken by my ex-girlfriend, I didn’t cry. When I lost my grandfather I didn’t cry; so what else will make me cry? The time I cried was when they paid me money that changed my life. Right there, I shed tears because I was overwhelmed. It was tears of joy.”