Oh wow! Are we not getting tired of the Apostle Suleiman’s scandal with Stephanie Otabio Already? Nigerians have been waiting patiently for proofs of Stephanie’s claims which we are yet to see, although her allegation led to proves of his alleged escapades with actress Daniella Okeke.

To make things worse, the preacher who ordered his members not to talk about his scandal and cut off from any one around them who discuses or believes in the scandal had  prophesied over the weekend that in 24 hours God told him the truth would be out.

It’s been over 48 hours, and the truth which he prophesied that God had told him about has refused to come out, this had made many doubt the credibility of his words.

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In a new press conference held, Stephanie Otabio had demanded a public apology from the founder of OFM, Apostle Suleiman.

She went on to say, if he doesn’t stop being in denial about her allegations, God would expose him about the whole scandal.

In her words: “‘I think things didn’t go according to his plan because God is God, nobody can be God, when there is God. The day I was talking to him recently, he was like, “Did I put a gun on your fore head to sleep with me?”

I am just fighting for my right because he did it, He must have done this to women and gotten away with it. He needs to ask for his own mercy because he did it. If he keeps denying it, God will expose him and i know that. I want a public apology for all this humiliation,”