Goldie, Keke -Kennis Music and E Weekly Yvonne.

Goldie is either been real [which doesn’t really work on this surface of the earth, does it?] or seriously needs a PR expert to tell her the hurt an unintended utterance can make let alone jokily calling yourself ‘a man eater’. The singer who is presently been managed by Kennis Music in a recent interview informs on how she makes passes at man.

She barely know she’s good – she thinks otherwise of her beauty: “I’m flattered if you consider me beautiful. I think I just clean up well.” just then she dropped it, She having men trouble : “… I don’t get hassled [by men] . I literarily don’t. Sometimes, I even wonder if there’s something wrong with me and I keep asking myself “why don’t men toast me sef? na wa o! ”. She thinks it is old school to make a pass at a man in a society where Women who do her said to be of ‘easy virtue’. In her words: “Is it wrong or abnormal for a lady to make a pass at a man? Ah! That’s my job oh! I make passes all the time. Yes! I’m a shameless flirt! It’s embarrassing, I know, but I can’t help it. Making a pass at a man is like going to the market and seeing a dress you like! If you walk by without pricing it, you’ll go home and feel bad the rest of the day. You’ll never know if it would have been your size, if it would have been available, etc. But if you make a pass and he doesn’t accept (meaning the dress wasn’t your size or it was too costly), then at least you’ll know you’ve tried and it wasn’t meant to be. In my opinion, I see nothing wrong in a woman making a pass at a man. Anybody that says otherwise is old school. Come on, either of the sexes can make the pass.”

Does this rest the speculation that she is bisexual?