Gordons had to be dragged off stage to stop lashing at the Minister for Power, Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola. Do we have to blame the minister? Hear what the comedian have to say first.

In his words: ” …this country, we don already die, why all of una dey fear death? When Fashola retire, e comot for politics? He go another higher level. Just like Fashola, Alibaba is the Mugabe of Nigerian comedy. Life is not fair. A man gat to do what he gat to do.”

He didn’t stop here “Fashola think say politics nah by Lagos, he come go federal. Make he come dey construct road make we see! If him wife dey here, tell her, nah me talk am, I no dey fear. This country ehn, we are stupendously stupid…If una see Buhari, tell am say he’s a muthafckr, Yes, I said it, ” he concluded.