Reggae singer, Majek Fashek, is now making headlines in a positive way since returning from his rehab centre due to mental imbalance some weeks back.

The singer who was a guest at the 46th Annual General Conference and Scientific Meeting of the Association of Psychiatrists in Nigeria (APN) in Lagos on Wednesday, called on government to look into how they can help to rehabilitate mental health patients.

He stated that majority of the people with this challenges have great potentials which can help boost the growth of the country if the right help is given.

The singer noted that “Mental health is not a yardstick to look down upon people,” as there is need for an effective system to help manage the health issue.

“There is need to create a system to manage or rehabilitate people who are not mentally balanced and as well create more awareness on mental health challenges and appropriate management.

“Government should look into how to rehabilitate mental health patients as most of them have great potentials and talents’’, Fashek told News Agency of Nigeria.