Grace, a very well mannered lady, is a beauty not only to behold but also has a star quality. A theatre Arts undergraduate at Roehampton University UK, is an actress and the General Secretary of the Association of Multinational Performing Artistes (AMPA). She has featured in many stage shows and home video films in the UK. She is not just on camera but also the most popular Continuity person in London. She loves the art industry to a fault and always ready to be involved in productions. She is said to be the most reliable crew member you can have on any production set.

Below are excerpts of the interview carried out on her by
Hello Ms Ilori, could you tell us a bit about yourself?

Well, my name is Grace Ilori, Nigerian (British) and I am in my twenties. Presently I look forward to completing a degree in Drama and theatre Arts at Roehampton University. I come from a family of six including myself. My father is a Bishop and my mother an Evangelist. We have a church and I am in the choir.
How long have you been in the arts industry and why did you choose a course in that field?

I have been involved in one production or the other since I was a child in school and in church. My main reason for choosing an acting course is because I feel that it can give me the necessary skills and certification that will enhance my career prospects. I’ve had the opportunity of acting in numerous productions both on stage and in films such as Cockpit Theatre, Assyrian theatre and the Old Vic theatre, just to mention a few. I have also featured in various films in-house productions such as Dilemma, Reunion, Elawon, The Pastor, In da Salon (soap) to mention a few.

I am a strong member of the Association of Multinational Performing Artistes (AMPA) here in the UK being co-ordinated by our big sister LadyTJ and we have done a few productions together. Lady TJ should be commended for trying to build the industry here and also bringing Nigerian artistes in the UK together with little or no financial support from anyone.
We are one big family here.
We understand you are a guru behind the camera too, is that true?

I suppose it’s because of my dedication and commitment to whatever I do. I love working behind the camera a lot and have participated in a number of backstage roles which included hair styling, make-up application, costuming and mostly continuity. I give attention to details and quite tolerant hence able to work as a props and continuity person. I don’t talk much but listen and watch what goes on within the production.
How do you identify with Nollywood?

Well, Nollywood is doing a lot for itself in Nigeria and it’s being embraced here too in Diaspora. However, there is still not much integration between us and them. UK is a grey area and we hope that we can all as Nigerians, work together in the nearest future.
There are many artistes in the UK that are not recognised back home and we hope very soon people will see and appreciate the talents we have here.
What is your ambition with regards to the Industry?

My ambition is to be a force to be reckoned with. Not in a mediocre way but for my talent. I am hard- working, responsible, self motivated, multi-talented and willing to learn and explore new things.
Thank You.