He ever since this international bizman, Greg Iheanacho breezed into town last week he has not just been attending one meeting to the other but has been making frantic effort to make his Catwalk Hollywood Beauty Pageant which is slated to hold before the first quarter of this year in Nigeria a huge success.

America returnee but Nigeria born entertainment icon, Greg Iheanacho is said to be romancing top players in the Commerce and Industry in Abuja to be part of the epoch-making event. The all-embracing event which is been put together by the United States of America counterpart of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry is said to be gathering momentum already with new talents in the modeling industry all working towards become a face to reckon with in the international fashion and beauty world.

Meanwhile, for those youngsters out there who wish to participate in this internationally recognized beauty pageant, the website to log on to for registration is www.rivernaijaproductions.com