That Susan Yusuf a.k.a Suzie Q,the owner of SQ night club was murdered by her purported lover and worker(he is the one in charge of her club),Idris Mohammed,is certainly no longer in doubt.

The accounts given by security personnel of 1004 Flats,who witnessed the last few minutes of the lovers before they gave up the ghost confirmed this.

But what could be the motive behind Idris Mohammed killing his lover and benefactor?

Could it be that Susan told him about her intention to have a baby for her French lover,who is based in Paris,France?

Could it be that she actually was pregnant for the French lover and wanted an end to her secret amorous relationship with Idris?These are the questions agitating the minds of Susan’s friends,who are yet to come to terms with her untimely death.

Close friend of the late Susan Yusuf who is heavily pregnant spoke to us on condition of anonymity.

She said,her pregnancy sort of made Susan make up her mind to have her own baby too very soon.

She said prior to her own pregnancy,she and Susan had agreed to have babies of their own without being married.

According to her,their choice of men who will father their babies are whites.

She said it was in the course of their discussion that Susan told her about her(Susan) French lover based in Paris,France and that she often went there to see him.

She went further to say that Susan told her she preferred going to France to see her lover than allowing him to come to Nigeria because she did not want him to be snatched by another Nigerian lady as Susan Harvey a.k.a Goldie snatched her long term Belgian boyfriend,Fons and even had the effrontery to sing about it in one of her albums.

She said the snatching of Fons by Goldie and singing about it was the cause off a long time feud between Susan and Goldie before they reconciled recently.

According to her,when Susan met with her in October,2011,at a popular eatery on Victoria Island,Lagos and saw that she was pregnant,she was moved and promised that she too will be pregnant and have a baby of her own very soon.

Susan’s friend,therefore,believed she was probably pregnant for her French lover and told Idris about it and Idris who could not bear to lose her decided to fight back by stabbing her to death.

When we asked Susan’s friend why they preferred white men to Nigerians,she said most Nigerian young men are lazy.They want to live off their wives or girlfriends and at the same time they still want to lord over them.

In a related news,barely 28days that Susan Q was gruesomely murdered,We learnt that her business has crumbled.

According to a reliable source, the Landlord who owns the building where the club is situated has given her management a quit notice. Shortly after that, we were told that PHCN men also visited the place and disconnected the light which led to her staff throwing a lot of refrigerated items away, since they got spoilt in no time.

Not only that, a section of the club also recently caught fire mysteriously.

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