About two days ago, winner of the 2014 Gulder Ultimate search, Otto Canon was said to have been kidnapped in Port Harcourt by some unknown gun men.

Up until this morning no one has claimed responsibility and no ransom had been demanded, a situation that threw family members, friends and fans into confusion,

However checks by Nigeriafilms.com discovered a statement on social media from a Port Harcourt socialite Awala Uwana, lamenting the return of kidnapping to the garden city and claimed that the kidnappers are demanding for a ransom of five million naira, (5000000)

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Kidnapping in the Rivers State capital and other parts of Niger Delta began around 2006, with over 2000 foreigners and local kidnapped.

However these attacks had been reduced drastically with the introduction of the amnesty program and improved security but these recent attacks have left everyone dump stroke

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