Ebenezer Obey may not retire from music anytime soon, he said that such action could lead to his death.  At 75, he has been able to stay away from getting married to another wife after he lost his lovely wife many years ago.

He still misses his wife and doubts if he would ever re-marry. “I met my wife when I was a struggling musician and her parents told her not to marry me. They warned her not to marry a musician but she told them that she was going to marry me. I met her in her elder brother’s place because he was my friend. When I met her, we greeted and that was how we started.

“When you are a musician and the ladies tell you that you are handsome, you are in trouble. They used to tell me that when I was much younger. That was a big problem. We thank God I was able to overcome that. Women are part of music and I had my own fair share of that but God helped me to put it under control because He knew He was taking me somewhere. I want my life to be read. I am not hiding anything. Then, I did not drink neither did I smoke because my mother had warned me against that and it was believed that every musician engaged in such but I had my fair share of women,” he said.