Nigerian economy seems to be getting worse; the citizens are in pain over the hard times faced in the country.

Price of goods and services seems to be increasing with no hope of decreasing in the future.

The worse of it all is the epileptic power supply in the country that forces Nigerians into the need of buying fuel to power generator.

Fuel itself is another issue of its own, with scarcity and increment in price, running a generator on a daily basis is money consuming.

In a recent interview, Nollywood actor Bob Manuel Lamented about how financially draining it is to run generator on a daily basis.

In his words: I have stopped calculating the amount. It is painful. You can just imagine if someone is spending just N1, 000 per day to run a generator, in a month, you would have spent N30, 000. Many Nigerians spend more than that per month. Personally, if I calculate what I spend on powering my generators, I will develop high blood pressure. I don’t bother again.”