Ucheria Anunobi, during her hottest days as Nollywood actress, she’s one personality that would give every live to every line she had to take. In fact, her daring script interpretation couple with her acting ability and a body that turns head, according to findings, were the secret tools she held to do those magical stunts.

Along the line, she got married and just recently the marriage is dissolved. Meanwhile, shortly after her marriageto the Ekwus, things changed for this versatile actress as the scripts that always fell on her lap ceased to come-forth due to her status then. Now as a single mother or do we say a divorcee, life has been so tough for her to the extent that the almighty Ucheria now turns a beggar.

The other day, she was allegedly said to have made a soft loan request from a certain top government official. The situation is so bad that she was said to have told the man that she needed the money badly to take care of some important things. Like? I wish I knew. But we are pressing real hard to uncover that important things she needs to fix.