Not too long ago, there was an issue between Harry Laud and Vicky Zugah over some money Harry Laud was supposed to pay into Vicky’s account which he failed to do. After intense investigation by Flex newspaper, movie producer Harry Laud confirmed owing the actress but now he has paid every debt on his hand.

Harry Laud is in the news once again to clear himself over a rumor which has been going round, that he has been a blockage to one of the country’s best discovery called Patrick Safo ,

Reports came to the offices of Flex newspaper that some armed robbers broke into Harry Laud`s car and made away with his phone and other properties. The initial allegation was that he suspected an upcoming actor he invited for his production.

In an interview with Harry Laud to find out how it happened, he revealed to Flex newspaper that he called Patrick Sarfo for a movie script but his team realized that Patrick does not fit the role although he is a good actor. Harry Laud continued that he even paid for his transport but did not take the script from Patrick.

“Some thieves broke into my car and went away with my phone and other things but I did not on any platform mention Patrick’s name. Patrick is not the only actor we called for that role. There were other guys so why will I mention his name, for what reason? It`s just not good for people to be pushing things that you have not said for public consumption. I am even ready to call Patrick any time I will do another job because I have realized he is a good actor who can interpret other roles for me” Harry Laud added.

In a separate interview with Patrick Safo, he told Flex newspaper that he is really tired of all these things and that he wants to stay away from acting because the whole thing started when he landed a role for the movie Flash Fever. He revealed that when he was supposed to take his money from the producer, armed robbers attacked the producer so he had to pass through lots of problems. He was really shocked of what people were saying again with regards to Harry Laud.

“I would not like to go into this matter as to whether it`s true or false. What I want to say is that I want my peace of mind in this industry and I know my relatives and my mum will not be happy to read all these stories about theft in connection with me” he added. We at Flex want to state category with our medium that Harry Laud has denied the fact that he suspects Patrick as rumours have been going round. He is innocent by all standards.