Five Star recording artiste, Harrysong, has explained to those who care to listen that he is not in a rush to release an album because he needs to take his time to observe the industry before making such an important move.

He declared that he does not care how people see him because of his refusal to drop an album at the moment, adding that he knows what is good for him.

“I am taking my time before dropping an album in order to avoid making errors that can’t be corrected once the songs are out.

“Secondly, the industry is booming everyday; everybody wants to do music, but as someone who has been in the game for some time, you will want to take things slowly and carefully. I am in a stage in my career where I don’t have to rush things because I want to put something out there. It will happen when the time is right for me,” Harrysong said.

He noted that he cannot just release an album because he wants to please his fans, who he said have stood by him for a long time.

“You have to settle down for what works for you as an artiste if you don’t want to fail. You don’t just release an album, because your fans want you to do it, if you are not ready for it, please, don’t do it.

“The truth is your fans will turn against you if you mess yourself up. Nigerian audience doesn’t have patience for second time. If you miss it the first time, you may never get it right again in this music industry,” he said.