Amarachi Kanu, wife of the legendary footballer Kanu  Kwankwo has given a very crucial advise on health which she says that health is indeed wealth and it should not be ignored.

A lot of people have given their time to looking for ends meet that they forget to take care of their health and as a result, they use that same money they earned to treat themselves and in some cases it becomes severe that some even pass on in the process.

Amarachi who has been under the weather took to her Instagram to appreciate her family and friends who have contributed in taking care of the children.

“Health is Wealth. Feeling so much better today. Thank You Lord. Thank you to friends and family for helping me out with the kids etc when I was down. I appreciate you. #positivevibes #positiveenergy #healthiswealth #slowlybutsurely #greenspinach #mintgreen #oranges #pauseamoment #listentoyourbody,” she wrote.