Veteran actor, Kayode Odumosu, fondly called Pa Kasunmu has been battling a heart related ailment for some years now.

There was a time he was able to raise some funds with much difficulties to travel to India for treatments.

But now, it was revealed that his travelling was just for evaluation while a second appointment was given to him.

According to the actor, he could meet up with the second appointment as he couldn’t find his passport and that of the nurse who accompanied him the first time.

Inadequate fund was also an excuse as he couldn’t raise funds to finance his trip to India and that of the nurse accompanying him.

He said: “I spent just nine days in India. I thought that I would receive full treatment. But when I had got there, they told me that it was for evaluation. Then they asked me to come back after two months. After I had recovered from the illness, I started thinking about how to get funds for my second journey to India. But I couldn’t find my international passport and that of the nurse that accompanied me on the first trip,”