There is no way Burna Boy will not be talked about. He has insulted every one talking about him since he started getting into one trouble and the other. When he  confirmed about his jump-off Uju Stella, having an abortion, that is weeks of denying impregnating her, the talk about him increased.


Finally, the gods smiled on him when he traveled to the UK after his travel ban was lifted, the talks rained the more.  It looked as if the talk about him is overwhelming that he has asked everyone of us to stop talking about him.


“I Just think…Fuck all of you. All of y’all! I never asked you to write about me. I never asked anyone to write about me. I’d be happy if no one wrote about me. I’d appreciate that. Just listen to my music and if you don’t like it listen to someone else. I would appreciate it if nobody writes about me.”


What do you think of his new resolution?