Former Special adviser to President Goodluck Jonathan on Media and Publicity, Dr Reuben Abati , was the one who started talking about the evil that happen in Aso Rock in his article titled, ‘The Spiritual Side of Aso Rock’, now others are talking about some spiritual happenings in our government house.

A former staff of Julius Berger who was involved in Aso Rock construction said “When we moved in here, it was as  if we were in a war zone. There were multiple incidences of equipment failure, workers developing strange illnesses and in one particularly poignant case, a very senior officer of the company who was brought in from Germany to supervise the construction collapsed and died on site while supervising the uprooting of a particular tree that defied all attempts to remove. Strangely, his death brought an end to the many equipment failures that we had witnessed over many weeks” he said.

According to a security officer who served during President Obasanjo and Yaradua’s tenure at the Villa, the spiritual cleansing carried out by the presidents differ from one to the other, depending on the faith of the occupants.

“When President Obasanjo came in, different men of God were brought in to pray and anoint every corner of the place before he moved in. At least that was what we saw in the afternoon. What happened in the night I cannot tell but what I know is that, under Yaradua, different Mallams, some of them said to have been imported from Chad and Niger were brought in to cleanse the place before he moved in with his family too.

Three live cows and several rams were buried at strategic positions within the villa. These are fairly common practices that were repeated every now and then” he said. It is perhaps these contending spiritual constellations amongst people of various faiths that have given the Aso Rock the foreboding personae that it has assumed in the minds of some.

According to a former body guard to President Goodluck Jonathan, very many security men dread night duties because of the strange things that happen at night in the Villa.

“Although we were all heavily armed and trained to wade off any kind of attack, our fear was more of the unknown forces that confront us daily. Sometimes, you hear strange voices of people quarreling in strange languages but you will never see the people. Sometimes, we will wake up to see blood on the ground, at the fore court of the presidential Villa. At other times, we hear the cry of babies throughout the night.