The latest rumour about Osita Iheme, popularly known as Paw-Paw; is that the actor has been on a suicide watch since his girlfriend, Brenda, dumped him.

Reacting to the gist, Iheme claimed he didn’t know any Brenda let alone committing suicide because of her.

“Can you imagine? Who is Brenda? No bi me o. I don’t know any Brenda or Belinda. I don’t know where the rumour is coming from.”

Rumour had it that Iheme had proposed marriage to one Brenda Gowon, who played along for a while, but later dumped him because of his size.

According to a story , Iheme had decided to kill himself by taking an overdose of sleeping tablets after spending so much money on Belinda whom he was engaged to for two months.

According to the story, Iheme told a close pal that, “The moment I saw her, I felt the earth move under my feet. The air got heavy and I could not breath. It was love before first kiss.”

It was alleged the actor bought a $3000 watch, $700 sunglasses and $1,500 Gucci purse, wrapped the gift items in a gold jewelry case and sent them to Brenda.

However, the actor said that the story on the net was the handiwork of scammers and fraudsters.

“Nothing like that ever happened to me. I have not proposed to any girl. Why would I want to commit suicide? Do you know what it means to commit suicide? Can you do it?”

According to the actor, the rumour does not bother him in any way.

“Na today? I don’t feel bad joo. Let them continue to say rubbish about me. I know myself and I know the truth.