I am deeply upset and angry with mohits boyz i.e (Wande Coal,the prince,dr sid and Kswitch).. On friday during nokia playlist show at ocean view, as mohits were leaving the stage,a fan took Wandes glass and he rose alarm..

You need to see the number of Army and Soldiers who nearly killed this boy because of an eyeglass. Even if the glass is costing 100,000,are you telling me that that the glass is even more important than the boys life..

Mohits boyz just pass the side where they almost killed this boy.Dr sid came down and was feeling like one cool bro..At least they would
have begged the soldiers because love it or hate it,we are still your fans and we make your songs popular not only by singing it but by
buying your albums and attending your shows.

Everybody was so angry that they could not even beg for the poor boy and people were saying “if it were Dbanj or 2face, they would have begged the police and made sure the biy was set free”.Well, i dont blame them,they are still too immature and proud because of fame but they have to know that the same GOD who took them so HIGH can bring them so LOW

By Bloger Otis for https://www.nigeriafilms.com