It has been quite a challenge for fans of the comedienne, broadcaster and event host Helen Paul to see her as a married woman. The theatre art maverick got married earlier in the year but fans still mistake her for a kid, no thanks to her comic character on radio and her petite frame/stature.

Helen Paul, who is in her late 20s broke out as a ‘naughty’ comic character of Lagos based FM Station Radio continental 102.3. Her fans’ challenge has got her to suffer and bear the afflictions her utterances has got her into with fans who phone in and listen to her show.

“Many people don’t actually know the difference between you when on stage and on the street”, she complained recently. Trying to explain how it is all an act. “Some people, instead of just greeting you, go as far as slapping you and you may not be in the right mood to endure that“, She said. While some slap her, others treat her like a kid: “while some will just say ‘Hey tatafo, come here!’. Some even pull my ear, forgetting that I am not a kid”.

She concludes saying : “I shouldn’t be angry because it is a testimony to the fact that I have been playing my character well”

Did you know Helen Paul did backup vocals on PSqaure’s Get Squared album? She was a backup vocalist before radio gig and calls for event MCing came.