The highly anticipated nominees list of Hip Hop World Awards 2010 was unveiled on Tuesday, April 6,at a brief breakfast event held at the awards secretariat in Lagos. But why were some of the biggest songs of 2009 were missing from the list?

Songs like “Kondo” by Dagrin, “Free Madness part 1” by Terry G, “Choko the Choko” by Sean Tero, Ekaette by Maye Hunta, amongst others were nowhere on the list; and fans and pundits are already wondering and asking “why”?

In a chat with the Secretary of the awards committee, James Silas, he explained that one of the criteria for nomination is that no music materials that encourage fraud, alcohol abuse, narcotics and wanton sex are eligible for nomination, except if said songs have radio-edited versions. You may recall that “Shayo” by Bigiano was also missing from the nominees list in the 2009 edition of the awards for the same reason. “This screening process is our social responsibility and contribution to the sanitization of music in our entertainment industry,” he added.

‘‘Terry G is undoubtedly one of the most controversial artists in Nigeria today, but he was smart enough to make a radio-edited version of “Free Madness Part 1” which made “Free Madness Part 2” eligible for nomination in the song of the year category’’ Silas adds.

In recent times, music of Nigerian origin has been replete with reckless content, glorifying fraud, alcoholism, drug and other substance abuse, sex and get-rich-quick-mania. The NBC-although belatedly- have banned many of these materials, while responsible media organizations are stiffening their NTBB regulations. It is our desire at HHWA, to help encourage artistes to be responsible with the music they churn out; and in cases where they choose to cross the line; to at least provide broadcast edit; and also label albums properly.

The 2010 edition of Hip Hop World Awards will hold on Saturday, May 29 at Eko hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos and the theme is “Power. Prestige. Pride

By Linda Ikeji