The status ‘celebrity’ is really becoming something else as some are actually allowing it take the better part of them.

The only one that baffles me is when a celebrity who ought to conduct herself in well respected manner chooses to hide under the canopy of her husband’s name.

Every woman should make a name for herself rather than hide under the umbrella of her husband’s personality.

Yoruba actor and producer, Kunle Afod is no doubt a respected actor in the industry but his wife seems to enjoying the celebrity status more than him.

On her social media account she added a name, which is Celeb Wife, and many saw this to be so petty and immature.

But what seems to upset the actors female fans, is seeing the fact that the wife, Desola  has no other business to do with her time, than to be on social media 24/7 posting pictures and professing her love to the actor.

This angered a fan who decided to bully her a little but Desola couldn’t handle any of that so she also slammed the lady.

See convo below:

Fan: “Celeb wife, your husband is of high profile and a well respected man in the industry than all this your mumu stuff you post. Check other celeb wife, they respect their hubby. Na only you be celeb wife? But babe you go school now…..Respect your home. There is this girl Kunle is dating and she is ready to push you out of his life sincerely, and very soon, u will know, and who no know go hear. O Ma loud Gan!!!”

Desola: “You don’t have to create a fake account to do this. Sure, you will be six feet down to ever date him…Just because I have been calm, you should be bold enough …let’s see!He actually knew you were learned and you speak good English..Bring it on and be bold. The loud you will ever receive is ‘ariwo eku’ in your life… bad people with bad intentions… awon oloshi dede. Wrath of God will befall you and your entire life. Mad goat.”